Tourist Attractions in Xiamen
Tourist Attractions in Xiamen
>>  Wanshi Botanical Garden

Wanshi Botanical Garden is a tourist attraction full of grotesque rocks, rare trees and flowers, and mountain springs. The lifelike scenes, such as Elephant Trunk, Camel Rock and Laughing Rock, together with over 4,000 rare plants, make Wanshi Botanical Garden a well-known tourist resort.

>>  Brahma Monastery

Fantian Monastery located below the main peak of the Wheels Mountain. It was initially build in 581 A.D of Sui Dynasty named "Xingjiao Monastery", later renamed "fatian (brahma) monastery", but it was almost ruined in the Republic of China Period, in the latest years the grand fantian (brahma) monastery has been rebuilt.

>>  Sunrise on Hongji Summit

Hongji Mountain is the highest mountain on Xiamen Island, with its summit Yunding Rock (Cloud Top Rock) of 339.6 meters height above sea level. From the summit you can get a bird's-eye-view of the whole Xiamen, as well as the islands to the east. Yunding Rock is better known in Xiamen than Hongji Mountain, so people usually call this spot as Watching Sunrise on Yunding Rock.

>>  Five Old Gentlemen Peaks

Behind Nanputuo Temple, inscribed on the wall of a rock is a large word "Buddha" which is 4.66 metres in height and 3.33 metres in width. And farther behind, high up on the mountain stands a screen of five peaks coloured by green trees and bamboos and marked by serene valleys and rocks of pleasing shapes. They are called "Five Old Gentlemen Reaching the Clouds", and are one of the eight grand sights of Xiamen.

>>  Taiping Rock

One can climb up Taiping Rock from the stone path in front of Wanshi Botanical Garden. Here is characterized by craggy stones, hidden caves, quiet and beautiful woods and gurgling streams. In recent years, new temples haven been built here were according to but surpassing their initial appearance. Visitors can have a rest and taste tea in a tearoom there. Close to the temple are a pile of huge rocks overlaying each other to form a mouth that is laughing with delight. People gave it the name "Taiping Laughing Stone".

>>  Heaven Border Temple

On the west of Wanshi Botanical Garden is Drunken God Rock. Heaven Border Temple is built there at the begining of the Qing Dynasty. In the old times, monks there always stroke the bell 108 time in early morning which could be heard far and near. Thus people called this "Morning Bell From Heaven Border" and listed it among the "Eight Minor Landscapes of Xiamen". Ascend step by step from the back of the temple, one come to other sceneries like "Ask Buddha the Way", "God Ruin Rock", "Stone Chessboard", "Buddha Bathing Basin" and "Long Howl Cave". Camel Peak is the summit and one can catch the whole sight of Xiamen and be feeling extremely relaxed there.

>>  Twelve-Dragon Pool

The pool is among stones and rocks on the north hill of Tong'an District. A current of spring water falls from a hundred-metre high rocky cliff. Passing by many steps and holes on different height, the water fall creats 12 water ponds holding limpid water. Thus the sight is names "Twelve-Dragon Pool".

>>  Huandaolu Road

From Xiamen University, passes Hulishan, Pucuoan, Huangcuo, Qianpu and Lianqian, Huandaolu Road likes a streamer goes around the Xiamen Island. Along Huandaolu Road, there are many tourist attractions such as Jinhai Park, Jingzhou Park and strawberries fields. Opposite the Huandaolu Road are Jinmen Isle, Dadeng and Xiaodeng Isles.

>>  Haicang Bridge

Xiamen Haicang Bridge is the Second suspension bridge in the world and the first in Asia. The total length is 5926.527 meters and 50000 cars pass it everyday. Xiamen Haicang Bridge is an important way that connects Xiamen with the outside world. It is also a famous tourist attraction in Xiamen. The bridge shows that the level of bridge building in China has met the international standard.

>>  Jingzhou Park

Jingzhou Park is in southeaster Xiamen Island. The park is surrounded by mountains in three sides and faces the sea. Jingzhou Park has European styled garden and modern amusement world. The park was officially opened in July 1995. Now the "Taiwan Flok Custom Village" has opened too. It is the only village that shows the folk custom of Taiwan in Mainland China.

(from Website of Xiamen Powerlong Hotel and Xiamen Tourism Bureau)